life lately !

1. Weekend Buys

I went to Whole Foods while husband was chained to the kitchen table constructing his music video for his 7th graders. He was stressed….and stressed me out. So I decided to make a homemade pizza and have cake ready at his disposal…


2. The best pizza ever

pizza sauce, basil, mozzarella, prosciutto, and wheat dough. It could all be so simple?



I was gifted these bomb shoes and shoe laces!! So now I don’t need to buy any running shoes this year!!IMG_5417IMG_5421

side-note- these run small. order a size up!

4. Daisy’s training

We met with a trainer to speak with us about Daisy’s leash behavior. She pulls constantly and barks at everyone! A lady came out to show us some strategies on our walks and gave us this rather restrictive British no slip collar that makes it very uncomfortable for her if she pulls. Two weeks later and she’s better..but nowhere near where we want her to be. Chihuahuas have strong personalities and she’s a girl. And stubborn. So this will take some time. But she’s fiercely loyal to us. See her in this picture? A mess. She loves her pa lol


february monthly update

Good Morning! These posts are turning into a bi-weekly/monthly thing and I’m ok with it!!

1. Trader Joes runs

I recently become re-obsessed with Trader Joes. It’s about 20 mins away from our house so not entirely convenient, but they have the best random seasonings and good prices on bagged organic arugula and ground chicken. Did I mention I’m obsessed with salads now? and ONLY with arugula. I made regular salads with kale/spinach and I just wasn’t feeling it.


2. Tyrus and I attended a town hall forum about the pre-k to PhD school to prison pipeline and it was great! Just seeing how teachers can really make or break your experiences as you grow up inside and outside of school is kind of crazy! The more you know.


3. Random eats!

I got this crazy sweet potato appetizer from a Mexican restaurant during a work happy hour and was quite displeased when it was just like a whole sweet potato with like some cheese. I thought it was gonna be a fancy dish but it twas not. BUT I was excited about my shrimp pho I had one Friday (lent season). It was amazing and had a ton of veggies.

4. Daisy Girl!

My sweet girl! She got spayed about a week ago and had these insane sutures in her abdomen that were there for over a week. We had to limit her activity which was extremely difficult considering how rough she plays! She did well though- she’s such a trooper! Since she will be graduating from puppy school, we are looking into the next phase of training for her.

5. One of my best friends sent me this record player for my birthday and I am PSYCHED. I have to find the two records that I own..and start to add to that collection. Ugh- so great.


6. Orange Theory!

Since I’ve upgraded my membership to unlimited I’ve seen some great things happen with my body/endurance. I now know how to manipulate my splat points and how to get more. Noticing that when I take a few days off in between classes it’s easier to get splats, upping my base pace is essential in boosting my endurance….and I hate the rower. And my heart rate drops super fast once being in the orange. Like I’ll be running for my life and then as soon as I start walking I’m like down in the grey LOL. Also- booty is lifting due to all this running so now I must cut to get the waist back down to like 25. I have until June!!



catching up on life/ recent events!!

Bonjouir! It has been a while since my last post. Things have been moving around my parts, and it already feels like this month (February) is flying by. I’d like to recap the month of January, because I SWEAR January is the longest month. IDC what the calendar says- January blows. It’s super long and your money runs out by the 25th. SUPER LONG INDEED.

I. One of my dearest friends came and visited us one gloomy weekend in January. We took her to SoCo, a little fitness, visiting with Daisy and all the food. She was only here for the weekend so we couldn’t do everything but I’m so glad she came!! I’m already planning more things for us to do when she returns (hopefully) in October!


II. I found these pics that some of the husband’s students drew on a quiz/test I think. They are hysterical and must be shared with the world.


III. I made myself my own flour less refined sugar free chocolate cake. It was sooo rich and full of healthy fats and delicious. I also made this cauliflower soup that was divine…but I didn’t finish it. I think I made too big of a batch. Other pics of random meals.

IV. BULK TEA!! In an attempt to cut down costs and spending, I bought a few things of bulk tea. The nettles and cleaver is for detoxification of the lymph node system. Now I need to bag all of this tea. Hopefully that’ll get done soon?

V. Birthday (February 4th) was super low-key since we are saving for travel, but I still managed to enjoy myself and eat some great junk food! And we saw dvsn in San Antonio. Life was made.


VI. Pics of my daughter. She is the cutest and baddest ever. We would have not gotten through the past few months without her.


VII. Clips of my random music listenings. I listen to IT ALL.


VIII. orange theory! I’m on this new orange theory kick- all day every day. Well not really. I upgraded to unlimited to so you’ll be seeing way more performance summaries. I started going back to my 5 am classes and my body is still adjusting-heavens. My splat points never want to come out at 5 am but I’ getting there! Currently my whole body is sore due to orange theory workouts over the weekend and a pure pilates megaformer session this past Sunday. My forearms are on fire.

*Picture of my date with my girl! We look like children. Next time we’ll dress up in real clothes.






fun labor day eats and random spotify songs!

This weekend was soooo relaxing and timely. After everything that is happening with Hurricane Harvey and just random shenanigans, it’s nice to unwind and lay in bed with no expectations of leaving it.

Also- I’ve been dealing with some personal issues, so this weekend was therapeutic for me. I also ran 2 5Ks on the treadmill so I felt very accomplished….considering how much I despise running. It’s actually been very helpful since I’m giving my upper body a break from heavy weights.


After we got home from work, my husband had barbecue for dinner while I ate like the best chicken salad I’ve ever had. I used some new spices I got from Home Goods (who knew?!) and it turned out amaze balls.

I also tried these buffalo cauliflower. They were gross. I liked my cauliflower grilled/baked, and these were kinda soggy and gross.


On Saturday I did an Orange Theory class. I like the 90 minute classes best. It takes a LOT for me to get into the orange zone, so a 90 minute class pretty much guarantees that. IDK what the science is about this, but I have to damn near be flying on the treadmill for my heart rate to get up to 170. Blame the crossfit conditioning I suppose.


I also randomly heard this song on YouTube…where my BR ratchet music is a plenty. :sigh: memories.


On Sunday, I made a pizza with cauliflower crust! This was a semi-fail. The crust was too soggy in the middle, so I think I should bake the crust BEFORE I put the toppings on. I used chicken, spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and green onions on this.


On Monday, Tyrus and I had a date at Sa-Ten. This meal was soooo good. I wound up just getting an unsweetened matcha latte with almond milk and a cookie, but I tasted his meal and it was great. I wound up getting a veggie plate to go and added some chicken from home with it.

i don’t make enough tacos

So here’s the deal. We live in Austin, the city of tacos. However, we never eat them. When we go out, it’s always to barbecue places. Never tacos. Sometimes the occasional brisket taco. But never just tacos. Why is that?

I think in my mind, I was always like ohh Mexican/Tex-Mex is too heavy for me. But tacos are customizable. It doesn’t have to be heavy. Get a good tortilla with protein and pico and it’s just right. So this past Friday, I made tacos. And they were bomb. I’m doing this every week. Why haven’t I been doing this every week?

Since I can put whatever I want in these tacos, then they’ll be full of veggies. And this chip/salsa combo is dangerous. Salsa is one of my weaknesses.


Magic. Pure pagic.


Mushrooms, zucchini, onion, bell pepper


this beef was lit.




I was super excited at this point. I even sauteed some shrimp. And gorgonzola cheese?! Again. I’m back on the taco train now.


There are veggies underneath I swear.