life lately !

1. Weekend Buys

I went to Whole Foods while husband was chained to the kitchen table constructing his music video for his 7th graders. He was stressed….and stressed me out. So I decided to make a homemade pizza and have cake ready at his disposal…


2. The best pizza ever

pizza sauce, basil, mozzarella, prosciutto, and wheat dough. It could all be so simple?



I was gifted these bomb shoes and shoe laces!! So now I don’t need to buy any running shoes this year!!IMG_5417IMG_5421

side-note- these run small. order a size up!

4. Daisy’s training

We met with a trainer to speak with us about Daisy’s leash behavior. She pulls constantly and barks at everyone! A lady came out to show us some strategies on our walks and gave us this rather restrictive British no slip collar that makes it very uncomfortable for her if she pulls. Two weeks later and she’s better..but nowhere near where we want her to be. Chihuahuas have strong personalities and she’s a girl. And stubborn. So this will take some time. But she’s fiercely loyal to us. See her in this picture? A mess. She loves her pa lol


i don’t make enough tacos

So here’s the deal. We live in Austin, the city of tacos. However, we never eat them. When we go out, it’s always to barbecue places. Never tacos. Sometimes the occasional brisket taco. But never just tacos. Why is that?

I think in my mind, I was always like ohh Mexican/Tex-Mex is too heavy for me. But tacos are customizable. It doesn’t have to be heavy. Get a good tortilla with protein and pico and it’s just right. So this past Friday, I made tacos. And they were bomb. I’m doing this every week. Why haven’t I been doing this every week?

Since I can put whatever I want in these tacos, then they’ll be full of veggies. And this chip/salsa combo is dangerous. Salsa is one of my weaknesses.


Magic. Pure pagic.


Mushrooms, zucchini, onion, bell pepper


this beef was lit.




I was super excited at this point. I even sauteed some shrimp. And gorgonzola cheese?! Again. I’m back on the taco train now.


There are veggies underneath I swear.

Review: Up Inspired Kitchen- Frisco, TX

Tyrus and I spend the weekend in Frisco- visiting my niece and hanging with her. That Sunday morning, I went out and found us some breakfast. Since I’m following WAG, I needed to get a breakfast that was macro friendly..and not just carbs and fat. I found this place called Up Inspired Kitchen that was about 10 minutes away from our hotel.

Their menu was very inclusive. Lots of healthy eats, quality ingredients and organic meats/vegetables. I ordered us the following to share: Up cakes, kids french toast, zucchini salad with chicken and a side of bacon.


This salad was amaze balls. I don’t really like beets so I moved those to the side and enjoyed the chicken, quinoa, zucchini, fennel, basil, mixed greens and tomatoes. There was also gorgonzola cheese, but such a small amount so I kinda moved that to the side also. This was a great addition for me since I need more nutrient dense foods!


Tyrus got the pancakes, which were vegan! They were very dense and flavorful, and the berries and syrup that came with them were wonderful. Maple syrup has alllllll the carbs so I had to be extremely mindful when I took a few bites of his food.


I also grabbed the kids size french toast sticks (excuse the photo quality- I was starving). Again- these were vegan, but I’m not too sure what the ingredients were. I would guess coconut flour and almond flour, but regardless they were great.

I would love to try this place for lunch. They have a great menu that is full of healthy eats and treats. I definitely recommend it if you’re in that area!

Up Inspired Kitchen* 5285 North Dallas Parkway * Frisco, TX 75034


weekend full of eating!

Good afternoon! This past weekend was wonderful. My husband was out of town, so I was left to my own devices. I filled the weekend with Hearts of Dixie, eating, working out and going back and forth about baking a cake. For myself.  I decided on Sunday NOT to do it.


After work I went to the grocery store and made these bomb tacos. Its funny- when I’m alone I have more time to make things look pretty and really stage my food. I guess because I have nothing else better to do?

image3 (2)

After this I waited two hours then got a quick workout in. Then bedtime at like 10:30 #wildnight


I started the day with crossfit conditioning. Then came home and whipped up this delicious smoothie with the following: 1/2 cup  hemp milk | 3/4 cup cold water | 1/2 cup frozen cauliflower | 1/4 cup blueberries | 1 tsp maca

It was DIVINE. I even brought this smoothie out to take a photo. Progress!

image1 (1)
I ate my real breakfast after that- 3 oz of chicken, Alexa fries and broccoli. I could have sworn I took a photo of this….but I think I snapped it instead.

After that I did a couple loads of laundry….while watching Hearts of Dixie. Then I met a friend for lunch at Fresa’s! OMG. This was the best lunch of my life. I got a bowl full of chicken, chickpeas, avocado, sweet potato, cauliflower and kale. It was effin bananas.


Furthermore, we decided to sit outside, in the 103 degree weather. I was exhausted after this so I walked through Marshalls a few time looking at workout bras before I wondered back home….to watch more Hearts of Dixie.


I woke up to a glorious orange theory workout at 8:45 a.m. Then headed to Dollar Tree to pick up some bins to organize our pantry. After that I called both my dads to wish them happy fathers day! Then I ate the same meal from Saturday: chicken, alexa fries and broccoli. I am a creature of habit. After that I laid on the couch until 6- i had dinner plans. I snapped this meal so it’s not here but I had a salad and a cup of chicken bone broth.

Honestly I was running out of my carb macros by the time I got to this meal so I couldn’t really eat what I wanted too, but I wound up going over my carbs anyways cause I ate 1/2 of a texas roadhouse roll when I got home 😐 #noregretsitwasamazing

Guess what I watched once I got home?! 🙂



week/weekend updates + closet organization!

This weekend was uber domestic- i truly felt like a wife/mother or something (i am not the mother though LOL). Here are a few scenes from the weekend and some food….cause #foodislife.

image4 (1)

GREENS. I’ve been trying to increase my fiber intake…and I noticed last week I rarely ate any vegetables to fulfill my carb macros. What gives?! So I make a giant pot of greens for us to eat throughout the week. Obsessed.

image2 (1)

I was doing great with drinking some vinegar every morning before my tea to start my digestive system off on a good start!


Matcha tea lattes……require no additional commentary.

image3 (1)

I ate this meal 3 nights last week- grilled chicken, greens, broiled mushrooms and sauteed plantains.

This was our closet before I started organizing it! I literally felt sick everytime I used to come in here…..there was just shit everywhere OMGGGGG. I took like 4 hours on Saturday to hunker through this. I managed to get out alive. BURELY…



Now for the reveal….

Life is good. Organized and good.