new addition to our family!

We are proud to announce the emergence of our daughter, Daisy Lawson-Webb!


First vet visit!! Right after shots- our brave girl!

Daisy is our 4 month old chi-terrier. After Thanksgiving, one of my husband’s students had a litter of puppies and asked if we wanted one. We immediately accepted, and brought her home the following week.

Daisy could not have come to us at a more perfect time. Dogs are known to reduce stress, anxiety and PTSD, and some studies even go further, saying that dog owners have lower blood pressure, heart rate and heart-disease risk. Since Daisy has parents who suffer from the constant battles of stress/anxiety on a day-to-day basis, her presence in our lives was timely.


Look at that sleepy face 🙂

I think we all go through tough seasons where the Lord is literally screaming “THIS IS MY SHOW. FOLLOW MY LEAD” and you have no choice but to obey and submit. Everything happens by his own timing, and I think I’m learning finally to let go and let God.

Daisy has been the best. I could go on and on about how dogs are therapeutic and just the best, but I’ll link some articles here, here and here. Seriously! If you were on the fence about getting a dog and have the means- do it.


Probably tired after biting through everything in the house.


Daisy loves playing with her pa, cuddling, sleeping and biting everything- especially socks, toes, panties and headphones!! She hates long rides in the car and the cold. She’ll be going to puppy classes at the end of the month after her last round of shots!


weekend recap and treats

Well hello!! It’s been a while, but life has been crazy lately. Between the new job..working out..mechanic shops…hemoraging money. But regardless I’m thankful for everything I’ve been given. Why is adulting so hard?

This weekend I was on my own (husband went to Houston), so I did some much needed relaxing on Saturday.

I woke up super early to grab my car from the shop (#adultlife) and then made an amazing matcha latte. I’ve been drinking coffee lately due to its convenience at my job, but I truly prefer matcha. Then I let my food digest before I skedaddled over to the gym for my long run- 6.5 miles. I really needed to do 7 but the treadmill’s max is 60 minutes. How crazy is that?!

After that, I made a nice lunch of chicken, potatoes and arugula salad (dressed with avocado oil, black pepper and lemon juice). Then I headed over to the New Central Library. Which was AMAZING. All my pics have disappeared on snapchat, but it was beautiful. I also checked out 5 books. Two were in the teen section #foreveryoung

I also had this cereal and this protein shake as a snack. Both are amazing…..I love trying new proteins. Esp those that do NOT have soy lecithin.

Later that night I baked a pumpkin pie from paleOMG that I hated. I keep trying to make myself life pumpkin pies, but I just don’t. This one had so much promise! I even used these cookies on top with pecans to serve as a cookie crumble topping but NOPE. Wasn’t into it.


On Sunday, I enjoyed this wonderful breakfast and read a teeny bopper book on the couch. These pancakes were made with coconut flour. I also added some hemp seeds for fiber, but wound up going slightly over my fat macros for the day. My coach dropped me to 40g. What is life?


Aftewards, I went back to the gym for a 5 mile run. Then came home and did some meal prep. I also snacked on this chocolate. No soy lecithin in these babies!

Alter Eco chocolate is by far my favorite. It’s so rich …and made with coconut oil. Every now and then I’ll spurge and get the bag of chocolate versus the individuals. Check it out here.

Later on I went to mass..followed by an impromptu trip to Wheatsville. Then back home to read and stay up late.

What did you do this weekend?



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maybe i’m getting better at orange theory!

I’ve been doing Orange Theory since February- supplementing this with my everyday workouts/cardio. I wanted the extra cardio/conditioning…and since I suck at running I thouht this would be a great way to like…force myself into liking running. Which ironically did happen.

I’m now preparing for a 10K. But now my body is NOT cooperating. My left calf musle gets soooooooo sore after a long mileage week. And my left arm does something crazy in long runs. I need to take one of those GAIT tests cause I’m pretty sure my form could be adjusted some. In the meantime, I’ll keep doing orange theory.

These are my latest workouts. Litty! It used to take me forever to get into the orange zone. Now I’ve learned that I have to be running hard. Like hard. I can’t just do a light job at 6.0 mph like Suzie next to me. It’s frustrating, but I get it.





This was a 1.5 hour class 😐


Do you like Orange Theory? I’m considering upping my membership to unlimited instead of the 8 classes/month I’m on now. Thoughts?!

Quick Trip: Andaz Mayakoba, Mexico

When the husband and I went away for our anniversary in Arizona, my gift from him was another trip…to Playa del Carmen! (Sidenote: I love that my partner just gets me. The only gifts I could ever want our trips…and maybe lululemon).

So this past weekend we stayed at the Andaz Mayakoba. This trip was sooo timely- we had a lot of personal shenanigans happen all at once so this trip was much needed. I always feel re-charged and more motivated when I get back from traveling.

Anyways- this place was just beautiful. We booked with our travel agent, who is starting to understand our tastes- modern, clean lines, amazing bathroom. This is the newest Mayakoba resort, and is connected to the other Mayakoba resorts (Fairmont and Rosewood).

We were greeted at the the airport with a private airport transfer from Andaz. They had complimentary water/alcohol in the transfer (complimentary due to our travel agent). Once we got to Andaz, we were greeted with their welcome drink (which I drank way to fast and got semi- tipsy for like 20 minutes). We then took a tour of the property and found out that they provided bikes for everyone to use to get to the beach, tennis courts, etc.


There was art everywhere. I loveddd the mosaic tile and the functional art pieces in the room. And the food!! We tried grilled octopus on our last night here. I kinda loved it- it was very meaty. Also- their continental braekfast buffwt was probably the best I have ever had. The quality of the food was really good, and it wasn’t American Continental. They served some great Mexican dishes that I would love to implement if I was able to have a sit-down breakfast every morning.


September is technically the off-season in Mexico since it’s normally swirling with hurricanes. We got some rain the last 2 days…but it was never constant.


Overall- this trip was grand! We definitely want to come back next year!

the greatness of trader joes and cupping!

Before this past weekend, I hadn’t been to Trader Joes in months. It’s slightly out of my way and I usually prefer Sprouts (cheaper).

But..I was leaving my therapy appointment and I had time before the traffic got horrendous, so I stopped by the Trader Joes nearby and grabbed a few things that looked super cool. Trader Joes always has the coolest things/branding!! I wouldn’t necessarily call their products “clean” by any means…but their produce is usually on point. That cookie butter though…..#notsomuch.

I was serious about boosting the whole immune system thing!! I used the frozen fruit (minus the pineapple) to make this smoothie here IMG_4654(1)

I also went to my monthly bodywork massage with my fave Regina. I try not to even use the word massage when I go to her because it’s sooooo much more than that. It’s like slight massage with cupping therapy and muscle manipulation. I’ve learned so much about my body and how I move/walk/sit since going to here- it’s mad.

Anyways, we’ve been doing cupping therapy on the places where I carry the most inflamation/tightness- so basically everywhere. Paying close attention to my traps, shoulders (that left one boyyyy) and lower back. Since I’ve increased my running mileage, we did my thighs this past week and the marks are stilll there!!!

Let me back up- cupping therapy is an ancient technique that uses the suction from the cups to help with inflamatin, muscle flow and relaxation. It can act as like a deep tissue massage, and sometimes the cups can be moved throughout the skin to create a deeper more intense feeling (which I love).

My massage therapist lets the cups sit for like 5 minutes before removing them. My accupunturist likes to light the insides on fire and moves them around my back. Perfection.

This was the cups immediately after we finished. TMI. I thougth it was the coolest thing though LOL


I will say- I can deal with the cups on my shoulders and traps. But my lower back and quads?!? I was in some pain….and that’s saying a lot coming from me.

It took me a few days before I fully recovered from my session.  My legs felt awkward when I was running and I kept taking breaks. Finally my runs are sooo much better now. I have more power in my legs and I’m learning to sit up in my diaphragm/core and it feels like I’m like gliding.

If you have the option to do a cupping session I would highly recommend it. My husband’s chiropractor did it on his back the other day and he loved it!

Read more about it here.