Airbnb in Amsterdam: Tamra- 0 AirBNB- 3

So….I get email alerts of flight deals everyday. I get alerts from secret flying, the flight deal, and my local escape atx/hou alerts. Travel is important to me. So when I got an alert for flights from AUS to AMS for $400 each…I was like ummm yes. This needs to happen. And the dates worked for us! Spring Break?! YES.

So I searched long and high for a puppysitter for my beloved Daisy and booked an Airbnb for the FIRST TIME for my husband and I!! I thought I was doing big things. More on that later 😐

So we jetted off on Tuesday evening after a few delays (winter storms were brewing in the Northeast so we flew on a non-stop from AUS to London…then London to Amsterdam. We arrived in Amsterdam on Wednesday and took a super expensive cab directly to our airbnb (our Uber app wouldn’t work! so angry about this ridiculous expense).

We got to our Airbnb and was like…ok. This is fine. It truly was a fine apartment and was pictured as is. My husband and I have never stayed in an airbnb when WE travel, but have stayed there with other trips with friends and such. So we got there and had a few issues with the heat (it was in Celsius and would not get hot!! Plus the weather was dropping in Amsterdam so we knew it would get colder as the days went on). The shower was also too small and modern for my husband and the bed….only had a duvet and a fitted sheet. No flat sheet. So I was weirded out by that….and the duvet didn’t really fit the mattress and the pillows were too flat. All first world problems. But we had Netflix so we were like ok this is fine.

BUT husband was catching a cold so I knew the heat thing was going to be an issue but that’s ok cause we’re SAVING MONEY.

So that evening we take a stroll around our neighborhood (de Pijp. It was the cutest ever) and marveled at all the folks on bikes and speaking dutch (we were in a non-touristy neighborhood outside the city center). We walked about a mile to get coffee/tea and grab dinner. By the time we got back to our place it was pitch black and super cold…inside the airbnb.

So we had a long night. LOL. I couldn’t get to sleep cause I was uncomfortable in a bed with no sheets and basically no heat. Tyrus tossed and turned all night while I looked up hotel deals on Hotwire. So basically morning came and we left the airbnb and took a Uber to this 5 star hotel in the same neighborhood. Honestly- we do not regret this decision. Yes- I regret booking an airbnb AND a hotel and we couldn’t get our money back cause it was   Strict policy airbnb but we hadddddd to be in a hotel. Husband needed the heat. I needed my sheets. And we needed a converter for our phone charger cause I completely forgot that they have different plugs!!

So moral of the story is: Book Airbnb with my friends. Hotel for my husband and I. Cause we are needy Americans who like our fancy hotels.

**Pictures of our trip on the next post!




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