february monthly update

Good Morning! These posts are turning into a bi-weekly/monthly thing and I’m ok with it!!

1. Trader Joes runs

I recently become re-obsessed with Trader Joes. It’s about 20 mins away from our house so not entirely convenient, but they have the best random seasonings and good prices on bagged organic arugula and ground chicken. Did I mention I’m obsessed with salads now? and ONLY with arugula. I made regular salads with kale/spinach and I just wasn’t feeling it.


2. Tyrus and I attended a town hall forum about the pre-k to PhD school to prison pipeline and it was great! Just seeing how teachers can really make or break your experiences as you grow up inside and outside of school is kind of crazy! The more you know.


3. Random eats!

I got this crazy sweet potato appetizer from a Mexican restaurant during a work happy hour and was quite displeased when it was just like a whole sweet potato with like some cheese. I thought it was gonna be a fancy dish but it twas not. BUT I was excited about my shrimp pho I had one Friday (lent season). It was amazing and had a ton of veggies.

4. Daisy Girl!

My sweet girl! She got spayed about a week ago and had these insane sutures in her abdomen that were there for over a week. We had to limit her activity which was extremely difficult considering how rough she plays! She did well though- she’s such a trooper! Since she will be graduating from puppy school, we are looking into the next phase of training for her.

5. One of my best friends sent me this record player for my birthday and I am PSYCHED. I have to find the two records that I own..and start to add to that collection. Ugh- so great.


6. Orange Theory!

Since I’ve upgraded my membership to unlimited I’ve seen some great things happen with my body/endurance. I now know how to manipulate my splat points and how to get more. Noticing that when I take a few days off in between classes it’s easier to get splats, upping my base pace is essential in boosting my endurance….and I hate the rower. And my heart rate drops super fast once being in the orange. Like I’ll be running for my life and then as soon as I start walking I’m like down in the grey LOL. Also- booty is lifting due to all this running so now I must cut to get the waist back down to like 25. I have until June!!



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