new addition to our family!

We are proud to announce the emergence of our daughter, Daisy Lawson-Webb!


First vet visit!! Right after shots- our brave girl!

Daisy is our 4 month old chi-terrier. After Thanksgiving, one of my husband’s students had a litter of puppies and asked if we wanted one. We immediately accepted, and brought her home the following week.

Daisy could not have come to us at a more perfect time. Dogs are known to reduce stress, anxiety and PTSD, and some studies even go further, saying that dog owners have lower blood pressure, heart rate and heart-disease risk. Since Daisy has parents who suffer from the constant battles of stress/anxiety on a day-to-day basis, her presence in our lives was timely.


Look at that sleepy face 🙂

I think we all go through tough seasons where the Lord is literally screaming “THIS IS MY SHOW. FOLLOW MY LEAD” and you have no choice but to obey and submit. Everything happens by his own timing, and I think I’m learning finally to let go and let God.

Daisy has been the best. I could go on and on about how dogs are therapeutic and just the best, but I’ll link some articles here, here and here. Seriously! If you were on the fence about getting a dog and have the means- do it.


Probably tired after biting through everything in the house.


Daisy loves playing with her pa, cuddling, sleeping and biting everything- especially socks, toes, panties and headphones!! She hates long rides in the car and the cold. She’ll be going to puppy classes at the end of the month after her last round of shots!


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