weekend recap and treats

Well hello!! It’s been a while, but life has been crazy lately. Between the new job..working out..mechanic shops…hemoraging money. But regardless I’m thankful for everything I’ve been given. Why is adulting so hard?

This weekend I was on my own (husband went to Houston), so I did some much needed relaxing on Saturday.

I woke up super early to grab my car from the shop (#adultlife) and then made an amazing matcha latte. I’ve been drinking coffee lately due to its convenience at my job, but I truly prefer matcha. Then I let my food digest before I skedaddled over to the gym for my long run- 6.5 miles. I really needed to do 7 but the treadmill’s max is 60 minutes. How crazy is that?!

After that, I made a nice lunch of chicken, potatoes and arugula salad (dressed with avocado oil, black pepper and lemon juice). Then I headed over to the New Central Library. Which was AMAZING. All my pics have disappeared on snapchat, but it was beautiful. I also checked out 5 books. Two were in the teen section #foreveryoung

I also had this cereal and this protein shake as a snack. Both are amazing…..I love trying new proteins. Esp those that do NOT have soy lecithin.

Later that night I baked a pumpkin pie from paleOMG that I hated. I keep trying to make myself life pumpkin pies, but I just don’t. This one had so much promise! I even used these cookies on top with pecans to serve as a cookie crumble topping but NOPE. Wasn’t into it.


On Sunday, I enjoyed this wonderful breakfast and read a teeny bopper book on the couch. These pancakes were made with coconut flour. I also added some hemp seeds for fiber, but wound up going slightly over my fat macros for the day. My coach dropped me to 40g. What is life?


Aftewards, I went back to the gym for a 5 mile run. Then came home and did some meal prep. I also snacked on this chocolate. No soy lecithin in these babies!

Alter Eco chocolate is by far my favorite. It’s so rich …and made with coconut oil. Every now and then I’ll spurge and get the bag of chocolate versus the individuals. Check it out here.

Later on I went to mass..followed by an impromptu trip to Wheatsville. Then back home to read and stay up late.

What did you do this weekend?



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