Quick Trip: Andaz Mayakoba, Mexico

When the husband and I went away for our anniversary in Arizona, my gift from him was another trip…to Playa del Carmen! (Sidenote: I love that my partner just gets me. The only gifts I could ever want our trips…and maybe lululemon).

So this past weekend we stayed at the Andaz Mayakoba. This trip was sooo timely- we had a lot of personal shenanigans happen all at once so this trip was much needed. I always feel re-charged and more motivated when I get back from traveling.

Anyways- this place was just beautiful. We booked with our travel agent, who is starting to understand our tastes- modern, clean lines, amazing bathroom. This is the newest Mayakoba resort, and is connected to the other Mayakoba resorts (Fairmont and Rosewood).

We were greeted at the the airport with a private airport transfer from Andaz. They had complimentary water/alcohol in the transfer (complimentary due to our travel agent). Once we got to Andaz, we were greeted with their welcome drink (which I drank way to fast and got semi- tipsy for like 20 minutes). We then took a tour of the property and found out that they provided bikes for everyone to use to get to the beach, tennis courts, etc.


There was art everywhere. I loveddd the mosaic tile and the functional art pieces in the room. And the food!! We tried grilled octopus on our last night here. I kinda loved it- it was very meaty. Also- their continental braekfast buffwt was probably the best I have ever had. The quality of the food was really good, and it wasn’t American Continental. They served some great Mexican dishes that I would love to implement if I was able to have a sit-down breakfast every morning.


September is technically the off-season in Mexico since it’s normally swirling with hurricanes. We got some rain the last 2 days…but it was never constant.


Overall- this trip was grand! We definitely want to come back next year!

One thought on “Quick Trip: Andaz Mayakoba, Mexico

  1. Deb says:

    The Lawson-Webbs are about that Life! Loved all the details that you shared; art was exquisite; beach looked angelic; food choices appeared to be exquisite; and you, my dear are Stunning!! Love you guys!!! The World is waiting on you !!!


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