fun labor day eats and random spotify songs!

This weekend was soooo relaxing and timely. After everything that is happening with Hurricane Harvey and just random shenanigans, it’s nice to unwind and lay in bed with no expectations of leaving it.

Also- I’ve been dealing with some personal issues, so this weekend was therapeutic for me. I also ran 2 5Ks on the treadmill so I felt very accomplished….considering how much I despise running. It’s actually been very helpful since I’m giving my upper body a break from heavy weights.


After we got home from work, my husband had barbecue for dinner while I ate like the best chicken salad I’ve ever had. I used some new spices I got from Home Goods (who knew?!) and it turned out amaze balls.

I also tried these buffalo cauliflower. They were gross. I liked my cauliflower grilled/baked, and these were kinda soggy and gross.


On Saturday I did an Orange Theory class. I like the 90 minute classes best. It takes a LOT for me to get into the orange zone, so a 90 minute class pretty much guarantees that. IDK what the science is about this, but I have to damn near be flying on the treadmill for my heart rate to get up to 170. Blame the crossfit conditioning I suppose.


I also randomly heard this song on YouTube…where my BR ratchet music is a plenty. :sigh: memories.


On Sunday, I made a pizza with cauliflower crust! This was a semi-fail. The crust was too soggy in the middle, so I think I should bake the crust BEFORE I put the toppings on. I used chicken, spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and green onions on this.


On Monday, Tyrus and I had a date at Sa-Ten. This meal was soooo good. I wound up just getting an unsweetened matcha latte with almond milk and a cookie, but I tasted his meal and it was great. I wound up getting a veggie plate to go and added some chicken from home with it.

One thought on “fun labor day eats and random spotify songs!

  1. DB says:

    All of this foods looks delectable πŸ˜‹. Your husband is one lucky guy, and you are extremely talented!! I struggle with preparing healthy delicious meals so you are quite the inspiration!! Thanks 😍


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