weekend eats and dallas fun?

So this weekend was full of alll the things. Months ago I purchased Dallas Cowboy tickets for my husband for his birthday. I am not a fan….he is a huge fan (saying it mildly). All this week he was super excited and couldn’t stop talking about the game. I’m half way listening while also eyeing this Category 3 hurricane that’s aiming for Central Texas. By Thursday evening, I’m ok with us leaving Austin IF it’s a change to miss all the wind/rain that is coming our way.

Anyways, we make it to Dallas late Friday night. Check into our hotel downtown (we stayed at the new Westin…I was not impressed but whateva) and woke up the next morning to breakfast!


I wanted the burger, but they couldn’t tell me the fat percentage of the ground beef so I had to pass. Instead I got the chicken salad…with a side of fries. :balance: We ate here. This place is pretty healthy/paleo-ish.

From there, we went to the area around Southern Methodist University (SMU) and got some cookies…..that were AMAZING. I totes went over my fat content this weekend but it was worth it.

Finally…we make it to the game. I’ll say- this stadium is super nice. It’s huge….but the acoustics? It doesn’t get very loud. My husband mentioned that the arena we say J. Cole in last weekend was much louder than this. That’s kinda saying a lot since the AT&T stadium took like millions of dollars to build but #thatsnotmybusiness.


Our seats were kinda great.


I think he was delirious with excitement. LOL


I look like a child as per usual.

We also met up with my in-laws! They were on the opposite side of the stadium so I got in my steps. I didn’t take any pics of them…I’m clearly not a real blogger.

I also didn’t take a pic of the lackluster grilled chicken sandwich I ate at the game. It actually wasn’t horrible compared to all the other options. I REALLY wanted these loaded nachos I kept seeing but Tyrus talked me out of it.

Overall- this weekend was kinda great! We ate dinner back in the room after the game and watched tv/weather channel. Tyrus claims we’ll be back for more games but the way the regular season tickets prices are 😐 …..not sure about that!




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