i don’t make enough tacos

So here’s the deal. We live in Austin, the city of tacos. However, we never eat them. When we go out, it’s always to barbecue places. Never tacos. Sometimes the occasional brisket taco. But never just tacos. Why is that?

I think in my mind, I was always like ohh Mexican/Tex-Mex is too heavy for me. But tacos are customizable. It doesn’t have to be heavy. Get a good tortilla with protein and pico and it’s just right. So this past Friday, I made tacos. And they were bomb. I’m doing this every week. Why haven’t I been doing this every week?

Since I can put whatever I want in these tacos, then they’ll be full of veggies. And this chip/salsa combo is dangerous. Salsa is one of my weaknesses.


Magic. Pure pagic.


Mushrooms, zucchini, onion, bell pepper


this beef was lit.




I was super excited at this point. I even sauteed some shrimp. And gorgonzola cheese?! Again. I’m back on the taco train now.


There are veggies underneath I swear.

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