birthday fun, wonder woman and grocery haul!

So this post is totes late! I literally had it in my drafts and never published. Eeek! Anyways, throwback post from my husband’s birthday a few weeks ago! I absolutely adore birthdays, so I had a day planned full of food and gifts and food and workouts…..and cake. 🙂

In all disclosure, I ate way too much cake/candy, which resulted in me going over my macros. But sometimes you have to stop obsessing and just live. So I basically lived Thurs-Sunday. Today, it’s a new week! Back on it!


This was the FIRST cake that I frosted…like professionally. I bought this piping kit from Amazon and use actual frosting bags and frosted the cake with a scraper. It was kind of amazing. I surprised the birthday boy with week 3 pre-season tickets to the Cowboys. I am not a fan….but he is. And he was super excited about it so #giftwin for me!!!

Next we made a stop to Central Market to pick up some chocolate covered almonds and gummy bears for the movie. We finally saw Wonder Woman. While I love what this movie is doing for women and allll the girl power that this movie encompasses, this movie did not live up to all the hype. I mean….plot holes?! World War II?? I loved the first 30 minutes of the movie, where they were all in the Amazon. If the movie had just stayed there, I would have been so content. But once she left to go end the war I was doneee. It was so boring. I just couldn’t believe it! I just knew I would laugh and cry and sob and laugh some more. I just couldn’t.

Next we grabbed some sushi! Tyrus was so excited about this cause we never get sushi since I’m always dieting LOL.


Obvs the cucumber sushi and the enormous portion of grilled chicken and vegetables is mine. And it was divine.


This meal was just amazing! We went here. Go there. Do it.

The next day we went grocery shopping together! Which never happens. Grocery shopping is usually my alone time. I love walking the aisles and reading ingredient labels. It’s like therapy almost- it calms me. When we go together, it is not the same (lol) but I loved the company regardless.


Since the husband is on summer break, he is at home more…which means he eats more.  So most of the stuff in this photo are for him. Eggs, yogurt, fruit, wings, juice= all him. The only things I grabbed from this haul were chicken, red potatoes, flax milk, Boars Head turkey and some new crackers.


I’m obsessed with those NuGo bars! They are perfect for when I need to get some carbs in.


I’ve had a decrease in fats, so I’m obsessed with this milk. My husband tasted it and said it was horrible lol


I need something for my sweet tooth! I tried to merge in some chocolate covered almonds, but I miscalculate those too easily. They’re just too tempting!


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