Review- Whole Foods in Plano, TX

If you’re read the previous post, you’ll know that we visited my niece in Frisco this weekend. On our way back home to Austin, we both got hungry and wanted something semi healthy that would get us back home. I Yelp’d a Whole Foods in the area and headed that way.

I’m very picky about my Whole Foods, so I was low expectations upon entering. Then….I saw magic.


A burger bar?!

Tyrus and I ordered a turkey burger on a gluten free bun, with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and jalopenos. We also ordered a small fries to go with it.


OMG. This burger was amazing. And it fit my macros?!? How is this possible. The fries were so crispy. Like….I nearly teared up. It was magic. And perfect to split with someone.

I have yet to find a Whole Foods in the Austin area that has a burger bar. But I’m TOTES petitioning the flagship to get one. I mean we have a taco bar, stir fry, sandwich and pizza bar. We need this burger bar. I need this burger bar.

Whole Foods Plano * 2201 Preston Rd * Plano, TX 75093


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