Review: Up Inspired Kitchen- Frisco, TX

Tyrus and I spend the weekend in Frisco- visiting my niece and hanging with her. That Sunday morning, I went out and found us some breakfast. Since I’m following WAG, I needed to get a breakfast that was macro friendly..and not just carbs and fat. I found this place called Up Inspired Kitchen that was about 10 minutes away from our hotel.

Their menu was very inclusive. Lots of healthy eats, quality ingredients and organic meats/vegetables. I ordered us the following to share: Up cakes, kids french toast, zucchini salad with chicken and a side of bacon.


This salad was amaze balls. I don’t really like beets so I moved those to the side and enjoyed the chicken, quinoa, zucchini, fennel, basil, mixed greens and tomatoes. There was also gorgonzola cheese, but such a small amount so I kinda moved that to the side also. This was a great addition for me since I need more nutrient dense foods!


Tyrus got the pancakes, which were vegan! They were very dense and flavorful, and the berries and syrup that came with them were wonderful. Maple syrup has alllllll the carbs so I had to be extremely mindful when I took a few bites of his food.


I also grabbed the kids size french toast sticks (excuse the photo quality- I was starving). Again- these were vegan, but I’m not too sure what the ingredients were. I would guess coconut flour and almond flour, but regardless they were great.

I would love to try this place for lunch. They have a great menu that is full of healthy eats and treats. I definitely recommend it if you’re in that area!

Up Inspired Kitchen* 5285 North Dallas Parkway * Frisco, TX 75034


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