week/weekend updates + closet organization!

This weekend was uber domestic- i truly felt like a wife/mother or something (i am not the mother though LOL). Here are a few scenes from the weekend and some food….cause #foodislife.

image4 (1)

GREENS. I’ve been trying to increase my fiber intake…and I noticed last week I rarely ate any vegetables to fulfill my carb macros. What gives?! So I make a giant pot of greens for us to eat throughout the week. Obsessed.

image2 (1)

I was doing great with drinking some vinegar every morning before my tea to start my digestive system off on a good start!


Matcha tea lattes……require no additional commentary.

image3 (1)

I ate this meal 3 nights last week- grilled chicken, greens, broiled mushrooms and sauteed plantains.

This was our closet before I started organizing it! I literally felt sick everytime I used to come in here…..there was just shit everywhere OMGGGGG. I took like 4 hours on Saturday to hunker through this. I managed to get out alive. BURELY…



Now for the reveal….

Life is good. Organized and good.

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