weekend treats + matcha tea lattes!

This weekend was super relaxing. I had spent the last weekend running around the city going to festivals and lunches, so I was looking forward to staying at home and just being. Sometimes you just need some down time.

Friday: I wound up taking a sick day  because I was still recovering from my sinus infection. I’m proud to say I recovered strictly off of oil oregano!!! Like literally- that and apple cider vinegar and tea/water all day long really boosted my immune system.

I used this kind of oregano here. This oil is pure magic- anti inflammatory, anti fungal, all the anti’s you can think of. It taste like death, but I swear its worth it.

Tyrus requested homemade cookies so I baked those.

file1 (3)

I HATE using white sugar. But he never eats my more natural, honey based chocolate chip cookies so chemicals for him it is!

I also fixed this sandwich because I was struggling to get all my carb macros. This is roasted chicken breast, cheddar, mustard, sprouts and spinach.

file6 (3)

I also wound up baking him so jalapeno garlic wings. I used this bomb marinade recipe with extra virgin olive oil, two jalapenos, roasted garlic, salt+pepper and basil. I had one wing and it was the bomb.


Saturday: I got up early and went to a Orange Theory class. I had a ton of energy (I guess since I’ve been resting/working at home over the week) and re-fueled with this meal below. Jackson Honest corn chips are the best. I prefer Siete, but they weren’t on sale this week!

file2 (3)

I met up with a friend from back home at Daily Juice, then watched a movie with babe and called it a night at like 1 a.m.

The next day, I marinated more wings for later that evening, roasted some brussels sprouts and had a matcha tea latte with this type of matcha below. Trying to incorporate matcha versus coffee and see how my body responds.

file3 (3)

Then we headed to Costco! Babe is traveling this week with his 7th grade class, so we went to stock up one some chemically modified treats for the kids.

I spent the remained of the evening finishing up The OA…starting The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and snacked on some caramel popcorn. Great weekend!


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