my complicated relationship with carbs

I have been dieting on and off for about 3-4 years now. My weight has always been a thing with me, dating back to high school. I worked out all through high school and was able to maintain my average weight of 150, and once I got to college I stopped working out and instead drank…and ate. and drank some more.

Picture me now in my senior year of college, weight at 200 pounds. I was miserable…eating lean cuisines and spending hours on the elliptical. My weight remained the same.

It wasn’t until 2 years later that I would meet my personal trainer and start to develop a better relationship with food and my body. I lost over 70 pounds in two years, and I felt so much better.

Present day, I’m now on a different quest to transform my body. I’m working with a nutrition coach that’s introducing me to….carbs. Something that I stayed away from when dieting. Logically, I know that we need carbs for energy, but I’ve never been successful at implementing them into my diet WHILE losing fat. I’m completely out of  my comfort zone with this new diet, but I’m trusting the process.

Here are a few staples that are getting me through this new diet. I’m literally eating 195g carbs each day (this starter week). I think my coach is nuts, but hey. If I wind up losing weight doing this, then I’ll eat my words and crown her Princess of the North.

file6 (1)

I’m obsessed with these waffles! I was on the hunt to find waffles that did not contain canola oil, and finally this brand delivered.


file5 (1)

I wanted a tortilla brand that was local with minimum ingredients. I love these..I literally just eat them with deli turkey and mustard.

file3 (1)

I love all things Simple Mills. Seriously. These crackers are CRACK. CRACK. CRACK. And they have a decent amount of fat in them for when I’m running low (which is almost never).


I put this on my waffles. Yes. I know. Chemicals. But I can’t deal with the high carbs that are in maple syrup. Or can I now?!?!?

file (1)

I drink around 50-60 ounces of water when I’m at work. Then I go home and drink another 20-30 ounces before bed. I’m always in the bathroom. If I don’t drink water then I’ll retain water. So there’s that.

Do you have any diet staples that you absolutely need?! I need new ideas 🙂


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