Travel Warp: Las Vegas

My husband and I traveled to Las Vegas about a month ago. He had never been- I’ve been at least 5 times before (family trips lol). We needed somewhere where we could take a long weekend and just relax…in the space of casinos and nightlife and food.


Las Vegas has grown in the past few years- especially in the food scene. Since eating is a big part of our trips (and lives), it helps to go to a destination that is working with something. We had a few hits and misses (yes to Tao! yes to Holsteins! no to Hash House), but overall we were pleasantly surprised.
That pancake was super disappointing…but that burger and fries was the best I have EVER had. And I’m like a super burger connoisseur.
We stayed at Caesars Palace..while escaping to The Cosmopolitan every chance we got. Tyrus also roped us into the timeshare presentation. We barely made it out alive.

Overall, I think we’ll be back! I’d like to go back when it’s summer time (aka day pool parties).

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